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How to Prepare for your Newborn Session

Preparing for your session:

  • Date- Once you have decided to schedule your session with me, we will set a tentative session date based on your due date. I completely understand that babies rarely come when they are predicted and we will absolutely accommodate their own plans. Your due will give us something to start with though. As soon as your infant is born, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I prefer to photograph babies in their first two weeks of life. They sleep better, don’t have reflux or colic, and usually haven’t developed baby acne or cradle cap.

  • Expectations- When we schedule your session we will discuss what you are looking for from your session. Are there specific poses you are looking for? For example, if your husband is a firefighter, would you like your infant photographed in his helmet?

  • Location- I currently do newborn sessions in my home. I will have all necessary equipment (i.e. blankets, bowls, baskets, headbands, and/or hats) all setup when you arrive for your session. I offer my home for all my newborn sessions because it allows me to fully preparefor your session before hand. This saves us both the setup time at a different location and allows me access to all my equipment should we need to have a quick prop exchange. I do ask that you not feed your baby before you come over. He or she will have already started their sleep cycle while in the car seat and will be woken when transferred to the appropriate prop. We will have plenty of time for you to feed him or her at my home when you arrive.

  • Soothing- It is always nice to have a pacifier on hand. This will help me to sooth your baby in between poses. I will also have white noise and a space heater on hand to help make your baby feel more comfortable. I do turn on the heater in my home and/or turn off my air conditioning one hour prior to your arrival. I also have a heating pad set on low under the blanketed bean bag setups as well. This way when your baby is unclothed they won’t be chilled and get upset.It will be quite warm in the room so plan ahead and dress yourself accordingly.

  • Outfits- I photograph all my babies in their birthday suits. I do also carry a limited assortment of rompers/props. Newborn babies just don’t fill out clothes properly. They are so much sweeter without being hidden in all that extra fabric.

  • Lastly, if you think of anything before our session, please please feel free to contact me. I promise there has never been, nor will there ever be, a stupid question.

During your session:

  • Diaper and Clothing- Please make sure that your baby does not have any clothing on or has on a loose zip sleeping pajama set or onesie. Having your baby in their diaper only will eliminate the need to undress them, thus waking and/or upsetting them. If a zip sleeping set is needed or a onesie for warmth, this will be easier to take off, once again reducing the risk of waking or upsetting them. Please have diaper loosely applied as well. This will decrease the need to photoshop out skin wrinkles made by the diaper edges.

  • Posing- I will begin by photographing your baby on my bean bag. I have a variety of blankets that I use for this time frame and they will be interchanged at times. I ensure that your baby is always nice and cozy by placing a heating pad on low setting underneath the blanket that is being used at the time. After the bean bag poses are achieved, I move on to photographing your newborn in the props.

  • Model Release- Before you leave your session, I will ask you to sign a model release if you have not already done so. This allows me to use your images to promote my business without compensation.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your finished products

I always try to post a couple sneek peaks within the first few days after your session so please watch my Facebook page for those!


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