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DIY Newborn and Child Props (Magazine Holders) Lela Dishman Portraits Monticello KY

One thing that I love is browning antique and junk stores. With this rise of the Pinterest age there is no shortage of brilliant hacks and ideas. I've seen beautiful pictures lately with the mini newborn cribs/crates and after searching sites and Etsy I realized most are $50-$100 or more. While searching one afternoon I found this neat article about a doll bed from a magazine rack. With further digging I found one used for a newborn prop. You can view those HERE and HERE

So while out traveling Easter weekend I ran across a few I thought would work. I had to remove the center pieces (with some help from my Husband) and add some chalk paint that I already had leftover. I paid between $5-$20 for these and was able to score all these props for less then the cost of one at some online retailers

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