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What to Wear ~ Fall Family Pictures 2018 {Monticello, Somerset Kentucky Photography}

One of the trickiest parts of getting ready for a family photo session is figuring out what each person should wear. You want everyone to look like they belong together, but not like they are wearing a matching “uniform”. You want your kids to look nice, but it is essential that they feel comfortable. You want to choose clothing that has a classic appeal so the photos feel timeless on your walls, so I thought I’d share some tips and inspiration with all of you!

Each family’s clothing choices should be different. You want your clothing to reflect your sense of style, your personalities, and the look and feel you want your photographs to encompass.

My favorite tip is one that people often forget to consider. Think about where you will hang your finished photographs. What are the color schemes in those rooms? You are working with your photographer to create art for the walls in your home, so consider your color palette when you are choosing what your family members will wear.

You can think about choosing clothing in the same way you would choose patterns and colors that would work well together when decorating a room. Try to stick to just a few different colors or colors in the same tonal scheme (for example – neutrals, pastels, or jewel tones). Vary texture and pattern to create interest. For example, instead of choosing all solid colors, work in some stripes, a floral, and a gingham in the same color scheme.

Don’t be afraid to message me a few pictures or tag me in photos when trying to decide! I love helping with this stuff when my families are stuck or just want an opinion.

Here are some good examples to help get you thinking… In the end, the most important thing to do is to be yourselves. These are your family photographs and if you feel good, you will look good!

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